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USNO Astronomical Applications Department
Computes the position, brightness, and other observable characteristics of celestial bodies, as well as the circumstances of astronomical phenomena. Includes information on calendars and related topics.

Ufonation - the online UFO community
All about UFO, exclusive videos, photos, documents. Join our community and share your story about UFO.

Artificial Intelligence Depot
AI community where everyone interested in artificial intelligence can discuss news, exchange ideas and research information.

BotSpot 2005 ®: the spot for all bots
The definitive resource for all things Intelligent Agent and bot related, including Bot of the Week. Locate the intelligent agents of your Information Age dreams at BotSpot. Bots make life easier.

The Linguist List
Web site for the mailing list: professional communication and networking for the world-wide community of linguists.

GPS navigation Bulgaria.
Our company is based in Bulgaria and we are specialized in GPS navigation - selling of PDA devices, software installing, adjusting devices and others.

Bollywood factoids
Humonline: Bollywood information like Bollywood factoids, Indian Bollywood Masala, Top Ten Songs & movies, Bollywood stars, entertainment news, Bollywood actresses & actors and many more.

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